In addition to their beauty in terms of their special appearance, these products create a feeling of closeness to nature in us, and this type of jewelry has its own fans The use of natural raw materials can be seen in the masterpiece This is something that is not available in other products Young people can use wooden jewelry for accessories and personal use, or give gifts to friends who are interested in this type of jewelry on special occasions.

Necklaces and earring

Necklace dimensions (3 * 5 Cm)
Dimensions of earrings (1.5 * 1.7 Cm)

More details

I made this effect so that it does not reach a line of mm

I designed and made this necklace with earrings from the leaves of the oldest tree species on earth called “Ginkgobiloba, Ginkgobiloba”.

Necklace on the rise

The dimensions of this work are (3.6 * 4.5 Cm)

This necklace shows life expectancy and is made of boxwood, a piece of art

Branch flower necklace

Dimensions of this work: To (length 6.9cm)
Its width is the minimum 3 mm and the maximum 2 cm.

Its thickness does not reach even one mm line.

With the final and protective cover of Oz mo Germany

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